• A competitive retrofit control system
    for a variety of turbine types

    The Spica Retrofit Controller is designed to fit
    most aging turbine types such as Nordex, Windworld,
    Nordtank, Micon and NEG Micon turbines.

  • Decrease downtime
    increase output

    The Spica Retrofit Controller is the only
    truly competitive alternative to obsolete
    wind turbine controllers on the market
    today. We provide a plug-and-play solution
    with guaranteed performance.

  • Designed for easy

    The Spica Retrofit Controller comes with
    a dual display with the same structure as a
    TAC controller which makes it easy to operate
    and turbine maintenance more effective.

Retrofitting your turbine control system pays off

- SysStabV Approved.


Replacement of old obsolete turbine controller systems has been largely ignored, even though retrofitting of aging Nordex, Micon or Wind World turbine, many of which are surpassing their designed lifetime, has long been an area of interest for service and maintenance companies and for the wind turbine owners.

So far, most focus has been put on replacing critical mechanical spare parts in wind turbines - while obsolete control systems have stayed largely untouched. With around 20% of downtime in aging turbines caused by control system errors, a new, modern control system makes surprisingly good business sense.  

Plug-and-play controller for troubleshooting

Spica Technology delivers the only truly competitive alternative to time-consuming control system repairs and price-sensitive second hand controller purchases on the market today. The Spica Retrofit Turbine Controller, and the easy access to spare parts that follows, allows service providers and owners to move focus from the dwindling second hand controller pile to that of investment optimisation.

With more than 20 years of experience in the wind power industry, we have developed a unique line of retrofit control systems for a range of wind turbine types currently in operation. Our retrofit control system is an affordable, plug-and-play system that allows you to professionally manage your investment and trouble-solve, as you would a new, modern turbine.


Crucial data for a range of turbine types

The Spica Retrofit Controller is based on advanced technology, comparable to what you find in modern wind turbines. We replace the old control system in your Nordex, Micon or Wind World turbine with an up-to-date system that provides you with full, remote access to previously unavailable, valuable data. This extensive data collection makes it possible to monitor the wind turbine closely and carry out predictive maintenance that helps prevent costly breakdowns.

The Spica Retrofit Controller is designed to fit most aging stall regulated turbine types, such as Nordex, Wind World, Nordtank, Micon and NEG Micon turbines. The Spica Retrofit Controller is compatible with most monitoring systems and fully compliant with the environment in your turbine. Our retrofit controllers are certified by the Danish Authorities for installation and operation in turbines.

Quickly up and running - guaranteed

At Spica Technology, we know and respect the costs connected to downtime. Therefore, we have developed a product aimed at reducing downtime from the moment your order is placed. Besides building a controller that physically fits into the turbine controller panel and current wiring - a genuine plug-and-play solution - we provide you with an unprecedented three year exchange guarantee, in case of a controller breakdown or serious malfunction. Also, our controller allows you to add additional sensors, monitoring systems, ect. Once onsite, the Spica Retrofit Controller is installed easily and quickly.

Easy installation – simple to use


Spica Technology is accustomed to handling orders from service providers, professional and individual turbine owners on markets across the world. We deliver the same swift service and close dialogue regardless of company size and number of turbines.


The Spica Retrofit Controller is easily and quickly installed into your turbine. We may take on the complete task of installing the controller or make use of a skilled, local service partner who is familiar with the system.


Help is always nearby, but we doubt that you will need it much. Our Support Hotline is ready to offer qualified guidance and technical support. Remember, we offer a full three-year exchange guarantee.


Spica Retrofit Controller FAQ

Q:What does the 3 year exchange guarantee cover?

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Spica Technology offers a full 3-year exchange guarantee on all Spica Retrofit Controllers purchased and installed from 2014 and on-wards.

The exchange guarantee enters into force once the Spica Retrofit Controller has been correctly installed into your turbine and undergone necessary testing. The exchange guarantee covers a complete breakdown of the controller or a substantial amount of downtime caused by recurring controller errors.  Controller errors that may be eliminated, rectified or corrected through remote access are not included.

To limit downtime as much as possible, a controller exchange is to be carried out as quickly as possible. A controller exchange means the installation of a similar controller in the affected turbine either by Spica Technology or an approved, local service provider.

Please note that incorrect controller installation performed by entities not approved by Spica Technology or a misuse of the controller itself, may affect the validity of your exchange guarantee.

To make use of the exchange guarantee or to ask questions to its coverage, please contact Spica Support Hotline at +45 8680 1440 or by e-mail at support@spicatech.dk

Q:How is the Spica Retrofit Controller installed?

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The Spica Retrofit Controller may be installed using either skilled staff from Spica Technology or an approved, local service provider. Please note that own controller installation or installation by unapproved entities may affect the validity of your exchange guarantee. If in doubt, please contact Spica Support Hotline at +45 8680 1440 or by e-mail at support@spicatech.dk.

The installation itself is carried out easily and quickly, limiting the turbine downtime to an absolute minimum.

Q:What kind of technical assistance can I expect to receive from Spica Technology?

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At Spica Technology, we will go far to keep your turbine running. Therefore, service providers or turbine owners, with one or more Spica Retrofit Controllers installed, have full access to Spica Support Hotline at +45 8680 1440 or by e-mail at support@spicatech.dk.

Approved service providers may use the hotline to get assistance during controller installation or during ongoing turbine maintenance. Questions as to the many functions and added monitoring of the Spica Retrofit Controller may also be addressed to the hotline. We are happy to help.  

The Spica Retrofit Controller advantages

Predictive maintenance | Yaw optimizing | Extra in/outputs for conditions monitoring | Increase output | More valuable data | A competitive plug-and-play solution | Guaranteed performance

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