Spica Technology expands to Germany with local office

Germany is Europe's largest wind market and has for a long time been the primary export market for Spica Technology. Now, Spica strengthens the business with Germany and establish the German subsidiary: Spica Controls GmbH. 

Local presence to strengthen the business

Since Tuesday, Spica Technology have been exhibiting at one of Europe's largest wind trade fairs HUSUM Wind. For a long time, Germany have been our largest and primary export market for our retrofit solutions.

The demands of local presence in the German wind market is getting higher. Spica Technology is meeting the demands of the market and expands with a local sales office to get even closer to our German customers. To the local Danish newspaper MJA in May, our CEO Benny Thomsen said:

"If you want to trade with the Germans, you have to have local presence. The Germans want to trade with Germans business men and German companies. Germany is a completely different business scale than the Danish business market".

Spica Technology has had a local agent to be responsible for our sales in Germany in quite some time. But in July, we finally reached our goal to establish a more local presence. The result is the subsidiary Spica Controls GmbH in Hamburg. Spica Controls GmbH will be focusing on Spica Control System, life extension of old wind turbines including retrofit and sales of Bachmann PLC modules.

"For us it is about taking care of our customers in the German wind market. If we want be in Germany, we need to be there 100%," says Benny Thomsen.

Contact information for Spica Controls in Germany:

Spica Controls GmbH CEO / Geschäftsführer Business Development
Christoph-Probst-Weg 4 Benny Thomsen Mo. Siddiqui
20251 Hamburg bto@spicatech.dk msi@spicacontrols.de
Tel. +49 (0)40 9999 874 30    

Released September 14th 2017.

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