Spica Technology is retrofitting 4MW turbines in Denmark

The Danish energy company SA Energi has chosen Spica Technology to retrofit its 5 Nordex N50 800kW wind turbines with a new control system.

The five Nordex N50 wind turbines are placed in Denmark with 3 turbines in Søndersø, 1 in Vojens and 1 in Brædstrup. The wind turbines are to be retrofitted during the first quarter of 2018.

Reassurance and reliability of ageing turbines

SA Energi wants to secure the reliability of its 5 Nordex N50 turbines. Because they no longer have the access for spare parts for this type of turbine, they have come to conclusion to replace the old NC1 controller with a new controller – the SCS controller from Spica Technology.

“We want to gain better access and close monitoring of our ageing N50 turbines to plan and optimise maintenance of the turbines. The retrofit controller from Spica meets our requirements and gives us the opportunity to reduce lost production with its remote control,” explains Anders Haislund from SA Energi.

About SA Energi I/S

The energy company SA Energi produces wind power energy and is founded by Steen Lund and Anders Haislund in 2004. SA Energi have over 70 wind turbines placed in Denmark. The founders of SA Energi have a long history in the wind power industry from working at DMP Mølleservice.

Released November 28th, 2017.

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