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    Innovative engineering has made us leader in control.

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    Our products and solutions are not just adjustments
    of existing standards - they are born and dedicated
    to the wind power industry through high-end
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We are the Wind Turbine Engineers

Innovative engineering has made us leader in control

Spica Technology is an international engineering company dedicated 100% to the wind turbine industry. We have been in the wind power business since 1997, and for over 20 years, we have developed, produced and installed innovative software, electronics and electrical equipment in new and existing wind turbines - both onshore and offshore.

The core competencies of our employees are software/electronic development and electrical engineering. Several of our employees started their engineering in wind in the late eighty’s, some in DanControl Engineering developing the first Vestas controllers (TAC I & TAC II), others around the world installing SCADA systems or working with turbine service. 

Wind turbine projects leading to better performance

We have considerable experience and know-how in engineering and software for wind turbine solutions - combined with our own specialised production capabilities and high technology test facilities. This makes us the leader in our main field: designing and developing control systems for the renewable wind energy industry.

We take on wind turbine projects from small one-day projects to large-scale engineering projects where we are in charge of the project management, milestones, FAT test and prototypes.

Our engineers are used to work in close cooperation with our customers' R&D departments, and the keywords in this cooperation are flexibility and reliability. The result is custom-made innovative solutions for optimised control and better performance.

Innovative products for the wind turbine industry

For an industry which is continuously pushing towards reducing the cost of energy and making wind power a competitive energy option, we understand that the products, we develop for our customers, should be the products of tomorrow. Our ability to deliver on this promise of innovation has been and will continue to be the cornerstone of our business.

It happens that many of custom-made solutions, we develop for our customers and the accumulated experience, give way for the development of our own brand products such as the Spica Retrofit Controller or our Oil Level & Temperature Monitor - both aimed at improving monitoring, control and output of operating turbines.

Our in-house production and high technology test facilities enable us to effectively convert an innovative concept into a fully functioning product built to withstand the challenging environment in a wind turbine.

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