Power Plant Controller

Electrical Panels: Power plant controllers and collection of SCADA-data

Power Plant Controller

Power Plant Controller

Spica Technology takes on huge projects such as customer specific electrical panels that are used for various purposes in the wind industry. Our Power plant controllers can connect up to 100 wind turbines and are used worldwide for automatic control, monitoring and regulation of large-scale wind power parks both onshore and offshore.


Our Power Plant Controllers will in cooperation with our SCADA-systems enable your wind park to comply with the different grid connection requirements worldwide and certify a reliable system operation of your wind park.


Manages functionalities such as:


  • Absolute active power control
  • Frequency control
  • Voltage control
  • Ramp rate control for reactive power
  • Power factor control
  • SVC or STATCOMS control

The SCADA-panels are made for e.g. substations to measure the production of wind parks. They are developed and designed to be user-friendly for the wind turbine service engineer. We have developed modern SCADA-panels for data collection from on- and offshore wind turbines with a capacity of up to 9 MW for the Danish O&Ms.

Custom made control solutions


Many projects in the wind industry must go under the radar. That is why the core competence at Spica Technology is our ability to take on whole projects in our in-house facilities and make sure, that the project doesn’t leave our premises before it is handed over to the costumer.

Our electrical panels are produced for a number of customers in the wind industry who chose their own automation components from a picking list. Among our suppliers are Allen-Bradley, Bachmann, Beckhoff and Phoenix Contact.