• Customers around the world
    have successfully given new life
    to their ageing wind turbines
    thanks to Spica Retrofit


  • Spica Smart Park

    Increase performance and reduce breakdowns
    and production losses.

  • Data Collection System

    Parallel data collection helps
    MW turbine owners reduce lost
    production.

  • Spica Temperature Monitor

    Provide added surveillance to
    existing or new construction
    and machines

Spica Back-up Module

>> Keeps the controller running in spite of power failure <<

The Spica Backup Unit is designed with ultra-capacitors that ensure the wind turbine owner that the unit is working properly all the time. In addition, the back-up unit supplies power to the controller for several minutes, so all data is collected during power failure, making fault finding easier.

Spica Technology has developed the back-up unit with ultra-capacitors for our own control systems, and it is also a part of the design in systems developed in cooperation with different customers.

“In the design and development face of the back-up unit, we focused very much on the working conditions of the module. For example, the back-up unit is designed with ultra-capacitors to give a reliable system supply under all conditions, even very low temperatures. Also, the unit weighs much less than units with batteries, and this makes it much less vulnerable to the vibrations in the wind turbine,” explains Lars Gleesborg, founder of Spica Technology.

Easy fault-finding

Even though the start-up costs are slightly higher than for back-up units with batteries, the maintenance costs are much lower as the Spica Back-up Unit does not require any battery changes, and the service life is up to 20 years. In addition, wind turbine owners can be sure that the unit is reliable and always working correctly.

In case of grid failure, the unit supplies the controller and sensors with power so that it can keep collecting data. This makes fault finding easier, because all events causing the emergency stop are stored in the event log.

The Spica Back-up Unit is designed for both new wind turbines and for retrofit.


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The benefits of a lifetime extension project rather than repowering are many. Extending the lifespan of a wind turbine typically reduces its lifetime levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) and thus increases the project revenue. Read more >>

Advantages of Spica Control System

Predictive maintenance | Yaw optimizing | Extra in/outputs for conditions monitoring | Increase output | More valuable data | A competitive plug-and-play solution | Guaranteed performance

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