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  • Spica Smart Park

    Increase performance and reduce breakdowns
    and production losses.

  • Data Collection System

    Parallel data collection helps
    MW turbine owners reduce lost
    production.

  • Spica Temperature Monitor

    Provide added surveillance to
    existing or new construction
    and machines

Data Collection System for MW turbines

>>  A unique tool for advanced trouble-shooting <<

With all relevant data in hand, owners of MW wind turbines can enhance the strategic planning of operation and maintenance - and gain better performance.

As an owner of a modern MW wind turbine, it can be useful to monitor the performance of the individual turbine – and to understand the underlying causes and events. This knowledge and transparency can lead to savings and optimisation of both operations and maintenance. Not to mention general peace of mind.

Even though the big MW wind turbines will typically come with advanced data collection equipment, the owner's site manager may not always have access to all the information and history. This can be remedied by installing Spica Data Collection equipment in parallel with the original.

Spica Data Collection captures valuable knowledge and is a unique tool for advanced trouble-shooting. Not to mention strategic planning of servicing and maintenance. Data collection is a key to better performance and reduced production losses – and the more data the better.

Optimising maintenance from a personal front-end

Spica Data Collection system is a "hands-on" solution created for MW wind turbine owners with full or partial responsibility for maintenance, for instance, via a hybrid service agreement. And who may have the feeling that one or more of their wind turbines is performing less than it is designed for.

Greater knowledge about the wind turbine's condition is also valuable for owners who are faced with taking over servicing tasks in the near future – or who are trying to plan for the best possible "end of warranty service".

The system is adapted to the individual wind turbine type and model – and is supplied with a customised front-end. You may choose a stationary system or a transportable solution in which the data collection equipment can be shifted from one turbine to another.

Additional monitoring for additional safety

There are options for supplementing the data collection with additional monitoring and measurement – condition monitoring systems, hereby increasing the range of valuable information for planning and action.

For instance, video monitoring for detection of, say, oil and water leaks, or audio monitoring for capturing abnormal sounds, or sensors activated by vibrations, humidity, temperature and more. All can help to prevent breakdowns and secure improved performance.


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Spica Control System is designed to fit most aging turbine types such as Nordex, Wind World, Nordtank, Micon and NEG Micon turbines. Read more >>

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