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N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel: Extending the life span of ageing Nordex N50 turbine with Spica Control System

Spica Technology offers a customised N50 Retrofit solution to extend the life span of ageing Nordex N50 800kW wind turbines. The N50 Retrofit solution is the Spica Retrofit Controller with Spica Control System integrated in a special designed nacelle panel fitted for the Nordex N50 nacelle. The solution comes with Spica HMI Dual Display for easy operation and Spica Smart Park for turbine monitoring and data collection to optimise maintenance and reduce breakdowns.


Spica Control System inside to access valuable data


The Spica Retrofit Controller in the N50 Retrofit solution is based on advanced technology and comparable to control systems in modern wind turbines.

With the N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel, we replace your old turbine control system with an up-to-date control system that provides you with valuable data which you can access remote through Spica Smart Park.

This extensive data collection makes it possible to monitor the turbine closely and predict maintenance in order to prevent costly breakdowns.

With the N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel with Spica Retrofit Controller inside, you gain:

- increased in- and output e.g. condition monitoring, level monitor, oil analyzer etc.
- possibility to analyse and predict maintenance
- more valuable data
- guaranteed performance
- guaranteed access to spare parts
- customised software features if desired

Furthermore, we offer a 3-year exchange guarantee in case of serious malfunction.



A dual display for easy troubleshooting and operational status


The N50 Retrofit solution comes with Spica HMI Dual Display that displays the operational status of the turbine. The dual display is a control panel that has the same structure as a TAC controller which makes it easy to operate.

With two displays available enables you to access and navigate two independent menus at the same time e.g. to change parameters on one display and follow how your turbine reacts on the second display.


Spica HMI Dual Display is designed for harsh climate conditions, long lifetime and high durability. It can be operated easily with gloves over wide temperature ranges and is not sensitive to neither dust nor oil which makes it perfect and user-friendly for the service technician.

The dual display can either be fixed mounted to the solution or used as a portable display to be easily switched to the control system in tower or nacelle.


The several features give an improved overview, ease troubleshooting and reduce time needed during service to make turbine maintenance more effective.


Installation of N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel

The installation process of the N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel in a Nordex N50 turbine is typically conducted in 4 days. The following video is a 2 minutes timelapse of an installation process conducted in the summer 2019 in a Nordex N50 wind turbine in Ildved, Denmark. A N50 retrofit project carried out for the Danish energy company SA Energi I/S:

Read the casestory of some of the first N50 turbines retrofitted for SA Energi I/S during the spring 2018.

We are more than satisfied with the service from Spica Technology and the new control system in our 5 Nordex N50 turbines. The turbines are now reliable which makes them much more pleasant to service. Furthermore, our troubleshooting is much easier than ever before,” says SA Energi.


Could N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel be the solution for you?

Are you considering whether the N50 Retrofit Nacelle Panel with Spica Control System could be the solution for your Nordex N50 turbine? Don't hesitate to contact our wind turbine specialists to discuss your turbines challenges or download our sales flyer about our wind turbine retrofit control systems.

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Advantages of Spica Control System

Predictive maintenance | Yaw optimizing | Extra in/outputs for conditions monitoring | Increase output | More valuable data | A competitive plug-and-play solution | Guaranteed performance

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