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Spica SCS Wind Turbine Controller

>> A valuable retrofit and SysStabV approved | Optimises turbine performance <<

By replacing your old wind turbine control system with the Spica SCS Retrofit Wind Turbine Controller in your ageing turbine, you can reduce downtime and optimise performance as troubleshooting becomes faster and more qualified.

With the Spica SCS Retrofit Controller, wind turbine owners can replace their old control system with a new wind turbine controller that offers the latest standards in communication and parameter settings. By monitoring the ageing wind turbine, it is possible to reduce downtime by easy troubleshooting and increase the availability through predicted maintenance. In other words, retrofitting your wind turbine control system makes a valuable difference.

The Spica SCS Retrofit Wind Turbine Controller for retrofit is a plug-and-play solution that fits perfectly to all sizes and types of turbines. In addition, it has up-to-date software, which monitors the wind turbine in the same way as a control system in new wind turbines. The extensive data collection makes it possible to monitor the wind turbine closely, avoid lost production and increase wind power performance through predicted maintenance. 

Turbine control panel for easy fault-finding

The Spica SCS Retrofit Controller comes with the Spica Dual Display - a control panel with the same structure as a TAC-controller which makes it easy to operate. The wind turbine control panel has two displays that makes it possible for you make changes on one of the displays and hereby follow how the turbine reacts on the other display. This makes fault-finding easier and maintenance of the wind turbine more effective.

Suitable for most aging stall regulated turbine models

The design of the Spica SCS Retrofit Wind Turbine Controller makes it suitable for most aging stall regulated turbine models such as:

All Nordex stall turbines eg.

All Micon stall turbines eg.

- Nordex N27 - 150kW

- Micon M530 - 225kW

- Nordex N29 - 250kW

- Micon M700 - 400kW

- Nordex N43 - 600kW

- Micon M1500 - 600kW

- Nordex N50 - 800kW

- Micon M1800 - 750kW

- Nordex N60 - 1,3MW


- Nordex N62 - 1,3MW


Nordtank turbines, NEG Micon turbines and Wind World turbines eg. Wind World W5200 750kW turbines.

This list is not fully comprehensive, so do not hesitate to contact us if your type of turbine is not on the list.

A turbine controller designed with a Bachmann PLC

The Spica SCS Wind Turbine Controller is designed with Bachmann PLC. Bachmann has many years of experience developing hardware for the wind turbine industry and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of control and automation components for wind turbines. We have been an OEM supplier of Bachmann PLC modules since 2015.

Our wind turbine controller is certified by the Danish authorities for installation and operation in wind turbines. 

”The retrofit controller is very easy to operate and has so many input/outputs that you can monitor and collect data on all moving and non-moving parts. This gives me a reliable wind turbine that is running perfectly. In addition, it has been running without downtime, and this has resulted in a wind turbine with high availability,”  HP Porskjær, wind turbine owner, Denmark.



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Spica Control System is designed to fit most aging turbine types such as Nordex, Wind World, Nordtank, Micon and NEG Micon turbines. Read more >>

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